Toyota Corolla Ascent "Sport" [AU-spec] (ZRE152R) '2010
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14 novembre 2010
 Александр К.
Toyota has launched a new Corolla hatchback special edition with alloy wheels, new aerodynamic features and improved audio equipment and interior features compared with the Corolla Ascent on which it is based.

The Corolla Ascent Sport has $1600 of additional specification at just $510 additional cost.

Only 1500 special edition models will be produced in Japan.

Toyota offers Corolla Ascent Sport as a hatchback only, with the choice of manual or automatic transmission.

Recommend retail prices begin at $22,250 for the six-speed manual transmission model*.

An optional safety pack can be specified for $500. It adds three SRS airbags (two side curtain-shield airbags and driver's knee airbag) to Corolla Ascent's driver and front-passenger airbags and front-seat side airbags.

The new special edition's additional specification (over and above Corolla Ascent hatch) begins with 16-inch alloy "blade" wheels with 205/55R16 tyres in lieu of 15-inch steel wheels.

The 16-inch alloy wheels and lower-profile tyres improve handling by increasing the vehicle's cornering stiffness compared with the 15-inch diameter steel wheels.

In addition, Corolla Ascent Sport has front foglamps, Ascent 'Sport' badge and an aerodynamic kit consisting of a front spoiler and a larger rear spoiler.

Exterior colour availability has been increased to eight colours with the addition of Tidal Blue, which was exclusive to Levin SX and ZR.

Inside, Corolla Ascent Sport has the new Gen Y audio head unit with monochromatic LCD display, amber backlighting, joystick, single CD player, Bluetooth™** phone hands-free capability, Bluetooth™ streaming functionality, USB connectivity and 3.5mm input audio jack.

It also has cruise control, a premium steering wheel and premium gearshift knob.

A 12V accessory socket is fitted as standard equipment in place of the traditional cigarette lighter.

All Corolla models have vehicle stability control and traction control as standard equipment.

* Price is manufacturer's list price provided for media purposes only and does not include statutory charges or other on-road costs

** The Bluetooth word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Bluetooth™ will only operate with telephones enabled with compatible Bluetooth™ wireless technology (HFP (Hands Free Profile) v1.0 or later and OPP (Object Push Profile) v1.1 or later international standards.

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14 novembre 2010
 Александр К.
The special-edition Corolla Ascent Sport provides $1600 of added features for just $510 extra.

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